Curtis Ford


I was born, raised and reside in Carleton Place ON, and I try to bring that small-town experience to my dealings with my customers.  I don’t approach mortgages as a sales person, but as a guide through the complicated terrain that is the current mortgage industry.

I enjoy teaching people about the mortgage industry, and helping them understand credit management, as well as making complicated financial decisions.  My education at the Sprott School of Business specializing in Accounting and Finance is a great tool in helping me do this.

Our commitment to our customers doesn’t end when they’ve taken possession of their home or when they receive their cheque from their refinance.  I encourage people to call me at any time during their mortgage with questions, or to ask for advice.

Over the last 12 years I’ve had the pleasure of helping many first-time home buyers into their first homes as well as helped seasoned homeowners enter the rental market or purchase a cottage or vacation property.  I’ve helped people refinance to add entire stories onto their home, or to consolidate debts to manage monthly expenditures.

Whatever you may need from a mortgage I look forward to helping you accomplish your goals, and to hopefully help you understand a little bit more about this industry when the mortgage complete!


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