Jeff Laberge


For  the past 15 years I have had the pleasure of working as a licensed mortgage broker here in Barrhaven.  Having been born in and raised in  Ottawa, I have also had the pleasure of watch our city grow into one of  the best cities in the world to call home.

Through  a combination of experience, a formal education in personal finance,  and the multitude of lenders I have access to thanks to Dominion Lending  Centres, I have helped thousands of people obtain the best mortgage  products to fit their needs.

Whether  it be providing you with the lowest rate on a residential mortgage for a  purchase, a lower rate and better product at your renewal, helping you  consolidate debt to save money, or something more specialized, I have  access to what you need.

Although  I work with major banks, major bank mortgages are not often the best  option.  Most major banks offer non-transferable mortgage products, with  potentially high penalties for leaving them before the end of the  term.  I have access to lenders who offer the same low rates as those  offered by the major banks (and sometimes lower), with more flexible  products.  Even if you prefer to have your mortgage with your bank, I  can usually get you a better rate with your bank than you are able able  to get with your bank than you are able to get with your branch (and in  most cases, the mortgage can be assigned directly to your branch).

Let an expert do the shopping for you, and what's great is that my service is free

My  team and I are very active in the community of Barrhaven. We are proud  to sponsor events our communities and are proud supporters of the Barrhaven Food Cupboard.


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